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Think like a freak, Levitt  Stephen D., Dubner Steven J.
The Haunted Life, Kerouac Jack

The authors of the "Freakonomics" books on using data over emotion to answer questions have turned what they've learned into a readable and practical toolkit ... więcej

The Haunted Life is the coming-of-age story of Peter Martin, a college track star determined to idle away what he knows will be one of his last innocent ... więcej

Classic Nursery Tales 150 years of Frederick Warne,
I Can Only Draw Worms, Mabbitt Will

A celebration of one of the most important publishers of children's books, this title commemorates the 150th anniversary of Frederick Warne. The collection ... więcej

This book is about worms. I can only draw worms. You might think worms are boring - but you'd be wrong. These worms have INCREDIBLE adventures! I can't ... więcej

Love from the Moomins, Jansson Tove
Circles of Hell, Dante
Circles of Hell
5,00 zł 4,50 zł

Love is . . . LoudLove is . . . QuietJoin The Moomins for a celebration of love. This delightful little book features all of your favourite Moomin characters ... więcej

A terrifying depiction of si and eternal damnation from Dante's Inferno, the medieval epic that revolutionized the italian language.

The World is Full of Foolish Men, De La Fontaine Jean
Out of Africa, Blixen Karen

'The pleasure is twice as sweet When you cheat a cheat.' An illustrated collection of fables from one of France's most vital writers. One of 46 ... więcej

From the moment Karen Blixen arrived in Kenya in 1914 to manage a coffee plantation, her heart belonged to Africa. Drawn to the intense colours and ravishing ... więcej

And Quiet Flows the Don, Sholokhov Mikhail
Closely Watched Trains, Hrabal Bohumil

The epic novel of love, war and revolution from Mikhail Sholokhov, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature An extraordinary Russian masterpiece, And ... więcej

A classic of postwar literature, a small masterpiece of humour, humanity and heroism from one of the best Czech writers For twenty-two-year-old Milos, ... więcej

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